Randon Henry Cavill gifs [Journey of Discovery: The Creating of Man of Steel.] Enjoy your Saturday everyone! -A




les mis au where everything the same except instead of red and black they sing “tell m more” from grease. 

who’s asking cosette though

[deep valjean voice]

tell me more

tell me more


Soft-spoken sweet-smelling Sansa, who loved silks, songs, chivalry and tall gallant knights with handsome faces.

People talking about Sansa (requested by sansaxstark.)

Happy Birthday, Ramin!

Downton Abbey Rewatch + 3x05

- You used to be a good little boy scout. What happened?
- I still am. I’m just working on some of the advanced badges.

darren + forgetting the words to literally every song he decides to sing

me-and-my-dream-factory asked: "Game of Thrones und Charmed. ;)"


Game of Thrones (this is going to be difficult, I’m midway in Season 3)

Queen Consorts of England